M-Menami (menami_sama) wrote in menami_avatars,

29- رمضان - 1436

As you know my dear watchers, it's been ages since the last time i posted here. I wish i had the chance to design icons and stuff. But since photoshop became a work not only a hobby, i don't feel like designing like before. But i still collect photos from there and here. And i saw i have too many photos worth to be posted ! That's why i decided to post a new post with new icons. Hopefully you will like'em.

100 x 100

200 x 200

One wallpaper and another pic 1000 x 1000 dimensions.

Hope you like them :)
Remember: - If you use please don't forget to credit.
- If you re-post please don't forget to link to my pagemenami_avatars

Enjoy <3
Tags: anime, boy, boys, design, girl, girls, graphic, graphics, icons, manga, menami, photoshop
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